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Are your products able to withstand all expected strains and to reliably fulfill their tasks?

Every product is being subjected to a variety of environmental influences in the course of its lifetime. Temperature, humidity, shocks and pressure all have an impact on the function, durability, quality and reliability of your products.

Whether it is your customers', legal or your company's own demands on your product – the simulation of real-life and extreme conditions as well as the systematic straining of your products will give you the certainty that your products will satisfy all necessary requirements.

Our experienced staff will test your products according to international standards even before they are being mounted. You can choose whether we should conduct these tests according to industry standards or according to your company's own specifications. We would be pleased to develop a testing programme for you that is tailored to your individual requirements.

You can find the download area of our accreditation and authorization documents here.

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Other services in the field of environmental simulation:

  • Thermography

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Hanno Frömming
Managing Director

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