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Treo - Chemical resistance testing

We will examine for you if your products resist the chemicals and liquids they are later in their product life cycle exposed to.

Functional and optical surfaces and materials are not allowed to alter in later usage by typical liquids existent in their application field.

An example: In the cabin of an airplane the used liquid detergents and insecticides are not supposed to discolor or to brittle the decor materials and a cup of coffee is not supposed to leave a permanent coffee rim.

We can prove this by the Fluid Susceptibility Test according to RTCA/DO-160. Due to our project experience in this field, we have the test fluids generally required in aircraft already on hand or at short notice. These include the whole spectrum of technical fluids, from de-icer and detergents to oils, fuels, insecticides, disinfectants, extinguishing agents up to drinks and urine surrogate.
The Automotive Industry is another section where the performance of the components and materials under chemical loads is of great importance. We examine the resistance of your products under chemicals like fuels, oils and lubricants, and other operating agents, according to ISO 16750-5.

Exemplary standards:

•    RTCA/DO-160
•    ISO 16750-5
•    DIN EN 60068-2-74
•    MIL-STD-810

Your on-site contact:

Dorothea Setsika
Head of Material Test Laboratory

Telefon: +49 (0) 40 709 73 76-12

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