Treo - Material testing

The Materials testing sector at Treo examines the materials behavior under normal and/or extreme operating conditions.

  • Will your material withstand extreme temperature changes?
  • How will it behave after an accidental or continuous fluid contamination during its lifetime?
  • Is your coating system able to protect the underlying material against corrosive environments, even with a possible defect?
  • Is it perhaps prone to crack formation, blistering, discoloration or delamination?

We evaluate the response of your plastic or metallic material, coating system, paint, etc. to a variety of environmental tests, which can be performed independently or combined.
According to your requirements we plan and perform test series, in order to cover the majority of the environmental conditions that your material will be likely exposed to. As an example, we perform corrosion test and chemical resistance tests.

As an example we also perform

Your on-site contact:

Dorothea Setsika
Head of Material Test Laboratory

Telefon: +49 (0) 40 709 73 76-12

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