The last gasp was closed in the shipbuilding industry: We offer all from a single source now!

shipbuilding industry - all type approvals at Treo
shipbuilding industry - flammability tests and flame tests new at Treo

Treo is accredited by the DAkkS for more test methods. All new methods were audited without deviations by the DAkkS.

Thanks to the inclusion of the new test methods, we can offer the whole testing programms in the accredited area for the shipbuilding industry now. These are:

  • Chemical resistance tests
  • Static and dynamic inclination tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • High-voltage tests
  • Needle flame tests

We are now able to perform tests flexibly and independently even in sectors which previously had to be covered by partner laboratories!

Brand new are the flammability test and e.g. the high-voltage test. HERE you can find everything about fire, electricity and test possibilities for your product.

Stormy but productive - How it worked for Treo at the Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe

Treo and Gauss at the Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe 2015
TDEMI X from Gauss

From November 17th-19th, Treo exhibited at the fair in Bremen. This year’s feature was not only the storm front „Heini“, that controlled the city, but also the exclusive „testing zone“, a special exhibition area dedicated to companies dealing with testing.

There you could find the joint booth from Treo and partner Gauss Instruments. Its exhibit, the fastest EMI-receiver in the world called TDEMI X, is used in Treo’s laboratory. Their experiences from the everyday use in the lab are directly implemented in the continuous technical evolution.

The focus was on more expert discussions and organised business-to-business meetings. Treo welcomed well-known customers of the aerospace industry and new interested parties from different sectors. Many of them assured that they went to the expo because of the invitation (send in the Treo-newsletter). New interns were found on that way, too.

The whole expo took place together with the Space Tech Expo & Conference and counted more than 200 exhibitors and more than 2.600 guests from 50 different countries.

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Our new feature: „Monumental“ possibilities in „windmilling" tests

Treo Windmilling Test Aviation International Magazine Showcase 2016

We have joined forces with the Institute of Product Development of the Hamburg University of Technology to implement dynamic tests of monuments, e.g. „windmilling“ tests of entire aircraft cabin monuments.

Read the whole article here as PDF! (Article first published in Aerospace Testing International, Annual Showcase 2016)


Out of the protected laboratory into the spotlight

Treo at hidden champions hit technopark image movie

Treo did it first!

Treo is honored to be the first company showing up in the film series "Hidden Champions", where the Hamburger hit-Technopark's most creative and innovative minds are introduced.

You can watch our brand-new, 2-minutes-image movie right here We show you our telegenic figure and the secret how a train lavatory could be the main actor.

Click and action!

Improvement with Treo

Being very successfully launched in 2013 at Treo, the high-speed emission measurement system Gauss TDEMI X40 has been updated again. Treos experiences from the everyday use in the lab are directly implemented in the development of the worldwide latest version now existing at Treo:
The system has thus become even faster, more reliable and more comfortable. Get convinced and employ the unique performance from 10 Hz to 40 GHz for your engineering and accredited certification tests!

Successful presentation of Treo at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015

As in previous years Treo was present at the Aircraft Interiors Expo from 14th to 16th April 2015 in the exhibition halls of Hamburg. Treo used the exhibition to announce the new testing options, which were gained through the cooperation agreement with the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) for the use of the hexapod.
The highly dynamic test facility is especially used for testing multiaxial loaded components and products made of fibre plastic composites. The new testing options arouse interest of the exhibition visitors.

We thank all visitors of the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 for three exciting days!

Fully booked seminar "IP protection in Theory and Practice" leaves enthusiastic participants

Twelve participants from Germany and Austria traveled to Hamburg to join the first Treo training seminar about the theoretical background and the practical testing of IP protection on two days (18th to 19th March 2015).  Joachim Caesar, who is a technical consultant of the DAkkS and works as an employee in various standards committees, guided the training seminar. Therefore he is an expert in his field. Caesar explained the most important standards and demonstrated the individual IP protection classes of different technical products.
His insightful and entertaining presentation of the topic convinced even the already well-informed participants. "The trip to Hamburg was worth it. I’ve learned a lot about IP protection and it will improve the product development of our business in the future”, a participant said at the end of the seminar. The other participants were very positive about the seminar too and appreciated the choice of the topic, the practical demonstrations and the supply of delicious lunch and sandwiches. Some will probably come back. We look forward to welcome them and other interested participants at one of our next upcoming seminars.

If you are interested in the training seminars of Treo, subscribe to our newsletter or contact us.

Treo at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015

This year, Treo will again be present at the Aircraft Interiors Expo from 14th to 16th April 2015 at the Hamburg Messe.

You will find us daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in hall B6, booth B90 – 1.2 at the Hanse Pavilion by Hanse Aerospace.

Please find further information here.

Treo: Dynamic testing of large components

Treo - Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and the Institute for Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design (PKT) of Hamburg University of Technology have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the use of the hexapod, which is located in the TUHH building.

By integrating this unique test facility into the Quality Management System of Treo, it can also be used for qualification tests. The required test quality was therefore assured through audits.

The highly dynamic test facility is especially used for testing multiaxial loaded components and products, which are made out of fibre plastic composites, such as monuments from the aircraft cabin, CFRP fuselage shells and elastomer components. The six hydraulic cylinders accelerate with a force of 500 kN, even specimens which weigh several tons can be tested with up to six times gravity acceleration. All six axes can be driven force or position controlled. Therewith this test facility offers the ideal platform for the aviation relevant windmilling tests and for a wide range of individual product testing.

5 years Treo - anniversary celebration directly at the stove

In this February, our Treo team celebrated a completely different kind of anniversary event.

Selected location was the Cooking School Hamburg. In atmospheric surroundings of fine wood, leather, read walls, concrete and candlelight we could dine at a large dining table.
And – of course- we could cook, too!

To set the mood, managing director Hanno Frömming explained the beginning of Treo as a small company and how proud he is to look at his big support team after 5 years.

And now, exactly this team was divided by the cook Tobias Franz into „cooking- groups“ to prepare the three-course menu.

It started with the preparation of meat and fish, fresh vegetables, mountains of salad and exotic fruits!

We were energetic, we laughed a lot and learned a lot. Well, who has got the opportunity to compeed with his or her boss in peeling potatoes?

After great gifts for the employees and their families it struck midnight and we had to go home. 

The best parties take place in the kitchen, they say. We are looking forward to the next five years. Thank you - says Treo.

Your on-site contact:

Hanno Frömming
Managing Director

Telephone: +49 (0) 40 709 73 76-22

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