Treo - special Christmas greetings 2016

Ho ho ho. An important visitor at the Treo laboratory

Unexpected and also for the very first time, we welcomed a very special visitor at our laboratory in Hamburg.

Besides shaking and shocking, we finally got in the Christmas mood.

That is why there are waiting some warm and very special Christmas greetings for you here.


Treo - Environmental Simulation Laboratory SMM 2016

This is it – SMM 2016

4 days of exhibition, thousands of visitors and we were part of it.

With a smile on our faces we left the exhibition and draw positive conclusions. Our managing director Dr. Hanno Frömming and our student trainee Lennart Fahrendorf hold many talks and are now back at our Treo laboratory in Hamburg, completely satisfied. Part of our luggage: Great new contacts and anticipation for the next exhibition season 2017.

The exhibition season 2016 is over now, but we are ready for the next one. Where we will be attending is going to be published on our website soon.

Treo - Environmental Simulation Laboratory welcomes a new shaker

Vibration testing: We have taken it one step further...

From now on we welcome a new shaker in our team and are able to test heavy objects.
Our shaker is loadable, a shaker with special features:

•    tests heavy objects up to several hundred kilograms
•    water-cooled
•    1m² slip table    
•    heavy load platform

With it we are able to test your heavy objects, especially in the field of shipbuilding, rail and other industries – always according to your wishes and demands.

Contact us for further information via phone: +49 (0) 40 709 73 76-10 or email:

We are looking forward to hearing from you in any way.

Moeller and Sell, role reversal at Treo

Role reversal at our EMC laboratory

Our Treo laboratory in Kiel is characterized by the successful cooperation between Peter Sell and Carsten Möller.

As a team they carry out electromagnetic tolerance tests at a high level, according to your demands.
It is two generations, working on similar lines and always willing to move in the same direction by using their knowledge and personal experiences in this area.

After working as a team for three years, Peter Sell passes on the reins to Carsten Möller and follows in Peter´s footsteps.
Now Carsten Möller has the chance to prove his skills as the head of our EMC test laboratory.

We are very happy that Peter Sell continues to be our EMC expert in Kiel and that our well-established team is still available for our customers and our laboratories.

Interested in EMV testing or further information about our laboratories? Contact us directly via email
or call us: +49 (0) 431 719 71-49.

Treo at the ILA 2016

ILA 2016: Check.

Our managing director Dr. Hanno Frömming is back at our terminal “Treo“ in Hamburg.

Three very interesting and exciting days at the ILA Berlin Air Show are over now. We take pleasure in the fact that State Council Dr. Bösinger came to visit us at our booth.

Besides that, we had some really interesting conversations with several visitors while drinking a cool and refreshing cup of tomato juice in a homelike but also formal atmosphere.

We were also very pleased about informing thousands of visitors about our specific offers and testing capabilities of the aviation industry.

Now we take a short break and will see you at the next exhibition in September. Then it means: Ahoi SMM & Moin in Hamburg.

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Vibration testing at Treo

Large shaker with climatic chamber

We now extend our test options in the area of vibration testing.

From now on heavy test objects in the area of vibration and shock tests will not be a problem at Treo due to extension of our test options – we now welcome a 80 kN shaker with slip table with a very efficient climatic chamber.

An unique option: It is not only possible to test heavy and larger objects, but also to realize sophisticated vibration and shock tests with climatic superposition according to your individual demands.

Read more about the uniqueness of the shaker and inform yourself about vibration testing at Treo.

Bye Bye CO2

AIX 2016 – final parking position reached

The tray tables were put up, the seats were brought in an upright position and the final parking position was reached. We had a fantastic stay at the AIX 2016 and draw a positive balance.

 "Dear visitors. We are very pleased meeting you at our booth and having succesful conversations with you. We hope you enjoyed staying at the AIX 2016. On behalf of our team we would like to welcome you at the next exhibition and hope to see you soon. Bye Bye."

Next stop: ILA Berlin Air Show 2016.

Treo - New authorization certificate

Treo awarded as authorized subcontractor

Treo - Laboratory of Environmental Simulation received the authorization certificates for the performance of DO-160 tests for airborne equipment and appliances as well as preparation and sign-off of relevant test plans and reports after successful audit assessments for both laboratories (Hamburg & Kiel).

We are now looking forwards to a fruitful cooperation with TURKISH TECHNIC, the leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services company in the region of Istanbul. Among certifications through EASA 145, FAA and Turkish DGCA, TURKISH TECHNIC holds the “EASA 21J.418 Design Organisation” approval and has the capability to perform minor repairs and changes for different types of aircrafts.

More information about TURKISH TECHNIC here or about our accreditations and authorizations here.

Bye Bye CO2

Bye Bye CO2

In our environmental simulation laboratory in Hamburg we are now raising the green flag: We say goodbye to harmful emissions and welcome our new energy concept.

Our demanding environmental simulation tests require powerful and efficient test systems which consume a high amount of energy due to physical reasons. Therefore, sustainable supply of energy is of major importance to us.
In corporation with hit-Technopark, the officially certified environmental partner of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we reduce and compensate the CO2 emissions now.

As the first building in the hit-Technopark, that owns a combined heat and power plant (CHP), we are now able to produce our own electricity besides heating and cooling. However, it is not possible to completely avoid CO2 emissions while heating up combinded heat and power plants (CHP). But - to neutralize the low amounts of CO2 emissions we continuously plant new trees in the Brazilian rainforest. 

Interested in more exciting information about our CO2-free hit-Technopark? Read more.


Thermal shock test chamber at Treo

More extreme and yet faster – Treo modernises thermal shock testing

We are now welcoming a new thermal shock test chamber in our laboratory, and thereby extend our skills in the area of
thermal shock

Almost as quick as lightning! 
Within 10 seconds our 2-chamber air-to-air system is able to abruptly change the temperature of your test objects from -80 °C
up to +200 °C.

Electrical components and devices often fail due to insufficient temperature resistance. Generally, rapid and frequent temperature changes are more stressful than absolute temperature levels.

The significant benefit of thermal shock testing is receiving fast results within a short time. Thereby deficiencies of the test object and potentials for optimization become visible.

Interested in thermal shock testing with lightning speed or other accredited tests– not only for your final product but also as part oft he product development process?

Read more about thermal shock testing or contact us directly.


Treo Nortec 2016
Treo Nortec 2016

Our NORTEC appearance characterized in only two words: splashy and delicious.

Treo presented itself at the NORTEC fair in Hamburg at their classy joint booth with original exhibits:
The first attraction was a small spray water chamber in which a blue Treo rubber duck had to undergo an endurance test constantly. This model is generally used for the protection class test IP X4 - spray water from all directions and was manufactured by students during their internship at the Treo laboratory.

Particularly popular was our sweet-smelling popcorn, which invited every visitor to come around and do some tasting.

Besides that our Head of Laboratory Environmental Simulation Nils Friedrichsen was in great demand.
His interesting lecture “Type approval tests of electronic devices in shipbuilding“ invited a large audience to come and listen.

We enjoyed the combination of our extraordinary booth, delicious catering and high-quality conversations.

We can also register that most of our visitors have followed our invitation, which was announced in our newsletter.

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2016: Treo's new commitment

Treo commitment 2016

No matter what test task needs to be solved, Treo finds the perfect customized test solution for your products together with you - this year the same as last year!

We supported someone this christmas, who is also faced with a challenge. Instead of company gifts, we donated to a charitable organization called OPEN ARMS, which supports refugees in Hamburg-Harburg. Working together is the only way to solve a problem.

Here you can find more about this project at the and from the hit-Technopark (in german).

Treo wishes you a happy new year 2016!

Your on-site contact:

Hanno Frömming
Managing Director

Telephone: +49 (0) 40 709 73 76-22

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